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As a kid, I loved making arts and crafts. Painting and drawing was a way to keep myself occupied and away from my annoying brothers. I would colour in Barbie colouring books with my Mom, make puppets out of recycled materials, and draw and paint landscapes all day.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I'm still stuck here. I am desperately looking to change that. Always looking for ways to become more self-reliant and eventually a digital nomad.

My formal education was in Graphic Design and then Brand Management. I have been working for 15 years at various creative agencies and marketing roles at the corporate level, including a stint in São Paulo, Brazil, as an Art Director in 2009. I’ve also had the incredible opportunity to teach and share my knowledge of the design industry at 3 different colleges.

I made the transition to work in marketing because I knew art and design wasn't going to pay well all the time. I enjoy both creative and strategy work and I am good at both, probably better at marketing though? During the pandemic, I returned to my roots and started experimenting with different art mediums. Finding my "style" has been a challenge so bare with me, as I pump out all kinds of art or design type things.

Timeline – A brief history

1986 – 2004 A kid watching Art Attack. Making Fine Art and Digital Art.

2004 – 2007 Design College. Posted various works on Deviantart.

2007 – 2012 Work at various Creative Agencies

2010 – 2011 Business School

2014 – 2019 Co-found a company.

2016 – 2017 Taught Design at 3 different colleges.

2012Today Work in Corporate

2020 – Future Rediscovered Fine Art & Digital Art.